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May 6, 2015
Local and state veterinarians have cleared Lucky Dog to re-open for normal business activities. Although the upper respiratory virus which shut down business for three weeks has yet to be positively identified as the new H3N2 flu strain, preliminary test results suggest that likely will be the final report.
All infected dogs that normally board or train at Lucky Dog have recovered and are no longer infectious. Veterinarians recommend caution in allowing dogs with unknown health backgrounds to interact. The canine flu acts very similar to human flu in that it can be transferred through direct dog to dog contact, by inhaling air born particles or through contact with contaminated surfaces. The virus is easily killed by bleach or ordinary soap and water. The virus cannot survive outside the host beyond 48 hours under any conditions and parishes sooner in hot dry conditions.
In an effort to control future outbreaks, please do not take your dog to any dog concentration area if your dog has a cough, is running a fever, is vomiting, is lethargic or is not eating normally. Please consult with your own veterinarian for updates on vaccination availability.
Training classes will resume the week of May 11.
Please call 218-847-4100 for class availability.
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